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1 HMWagner.com CHEF SCOTT HINES Hotel Revival | Four Seasons Hotel | Wilt & Wisdom | Heavy Seas Alehouse | The Wine Market Bistro VARIOUS WAYS TO USE BEEF TRIM Utilizing a whole Beef Strip Loin to serve a classic Prime New York Steak at restaurants results in left over trim, these following procedures allow an operator to make different dishes and increase profitability. ● Prime Beef Strip Loin (#626610) FRENCH BEEF TARTAR Cut beef in to diced pieces and toss with Capers, Cornichons, Balsamic vinegar, minced Shallots, Dijon mustard and plate with a classic quail egg yolk on top, salt and white pepper and Chervil leaves, accompanied with a crostini and a drizzle of finishing quality Olive Oil. ● Capers (#437350) ● Cornichons (#450711SP) ● Balsamic vinegar (#456940) ● Shallots (#611390) ● Dijon mustard (#445300) ● Chervil leaves (#610365) ● Crostini (#646978) ● Olive Oil (#500284) ● Quail egg yolk (#EGG25) ● Salt and Pepper (#480570 & #478550) ITALIAN CARPACCIO Freeze meet for a short period of time, as this will allow you to more precisely slice very thin (it can also be gently pounded thin), plate and then finish with some minced shallot, whole grain Dijon, Parmigiano shaved ribbons, fresh lemon juice and micro arugula, again an egg yolk can be place on top along with a nice finishing salt and a drizzle of a fine quality Olive Oil. ● Shallot (#611390) ● Whole grain Dijon (445306SP) ● Parmigiano (#621962SP) ● Fresh lemon juice (#610600) ● Micro arugula (#610078) ASIAN BEEF SKEWER Use beef trim to either cut into cubes or thin strips and insert on skewers, then marinate in a combination of sesame oil, fish sauce, fresh chili, cilantro, sweet Thai chili sauce and Knorr's new citrus fresh seasoning concentrate (combination of Mandarin, Yuzo and Persian Lime juice): these ingredients in essence create a variation of a ponzu sauce. Sautee beef skewers in pan, then plate and finish with toasted sesame seeds and green scallions thinly cut on the bias along with a generous sprinkling of Furikake Spice. The abovementioned appetizer dishes are all considered a by-product of your restaurants main offering, being a New York Strip Steak and a great way to offer patrons an alternative, different appetizer. ● Skewers (#378150) ● Sesame oil (#500930) ● Fish sauce(#453720SP) ● Fresh chili (#611145) ● Sweet Thai chili sauce (#453700) ● Cilantro (#610371) ● Scallions (#611380) ● Sesame seeds(#482300) ● Knorr's NEW citrus fresh seasoning concentrate(#442669SP) KEYNOTE CHEF DEMONSTRATIONS Here's what our Chef cooked up at the SHOW!

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