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Storage & Handling: • Keep handling to a minimum to avoid bruising and skin damage. • Keep apples in original cartons with lids closed to prevent absorption of odors from other foods or passing odors to other foods. • Store apples away from flowers, fruits, and vegetables that are sensitive to ethylene and may be damaged by the gas. APPLES Hass: Oval-shaped fruit with thick, pebbly green skin and pale green, creamy flesh. Skin turns black when fruit ripens. Storage & Handling: • Handle ripe avocados with care to avoid bruising. Do not dump avocados out of carton. • Check ripeness daily using ripest fruit first. AVOCADOS GREEN AVOCADOS #610080 • 1/48ct ON THE TURN AVOCADOS #610081 • 1/48ct GRANNY SMITH GOLDEN DELICIOUS #610030 • 1/100ct #610052 • 1/88ct #610032 • 1/88ct #610053 • 1/100ct RED DELICIOUS #610035 • 1/125ct #610040 • 1/100ct #610050 • 1/88ct

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